Important New Announcement Regarding SESP:

Educational Paperwork Solutions is transitioning to a new company with the next generation evolution of SESP!

Go check it out at: Siras Systems Inc.



Spend More Time Teaching:

Special Education paperwork and its laws are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Teachers are spending more time filling out forms and managing their case load than teaching. By using our IEP development software the teacher can manage their caseload and produce the IEP documents in English and Spanish. By using this software, teachers can now get back to the job, they were originally hired to do — which is teach children with disabilities.

More Than Just an IEP Program

SESP is more than just an IEP program that produces forms... SESP is a teacher oriented software, with many comprehensive and integrated features, such as validating the IEP, documenting the student's compliance status regarding upcoming events such as IEPs or Triennials, managing paperwork and checking the accuracy of completed IEPs. The forms used in this program can be customized to your school district. Your district may wish to include all, some, or none of the existing forms. However, for a substantial discount the current forms, which are compliant to the new re-authorization, can be used with your district's headings.

SESP is available as a Stand-Alone, Network, and/or Web Browser.

Please call and ask for details...


Other Services provided by Dr. Geri Murphy

• Grant writing – research and development of proposals

• Technical writing – Development and maintenance of systems documentation, policy and procedure manuals, user manuals, and other supporting collateral

• Facilitation in developing and managing collaborative program delivery models

• Resolution of special education compliance issues

• Targeted training for special education staff

• Program design and evaluation

"This incredibly helpful program was developed by a former Special Ed teacher of our District, which makes it even more special!"

San Marcos High School Staff -SBSD-